1. Cancellation Policy

    1. In case You feel that the Products/ Services received by You is not as per the description thereof provided on the Website, You must bring such discrepancy to the notice of Our customer service in writing, within 24 hours of receiving such Product/ Service. Upon consideration of Your complaint along with supporting documents, BQ shall make an appropriate decision regarding the cancellation of such order.
    2. No cancellations are allowed for Products/ Services on which BQ has provided special offers to You for various purposes including but not limited to special occasions like New Year, festivals, specific examination, etc. These are limited validity offers and therefore cancellations are not possible.
  2. Refund Policy

    1. The refund is applicable for Our Products/Services only until the login details for the Products/ Services are disclosed to You.
    2. Please include Your order number (sent to You via email after Your order) and do tell us why You’re requesting a refund. We take customer feedback very seriously and use it to constantly improve Our Products/ Service.
    3. All refunds, if eligible, will be processed within 15 (Fifteen) business days of receiving cancellation request and mode of refund would be same through which the original transaction was done.
    4. It is explicitly mentioned here that cancellation of registration and/ or enrolment for a course does not entitle You to a refund of whole or part of the fees/ charges paid by You to BQ.
    5. Unless otherwise specified, payments made on account of examination fees or charges for written test, interview as part of a selection process for any course are not refundable for any reason whatsoever and no such claims in this regard shall be entertained by BQ.
    6. In the event, the selection process is cancelled by BQ for any reason whatsoever, BQ reserves the right to refund the fees paid for such selection process to the extent and amount deemed fair, to You at Our sole discretion.
    7. Should BQ choose to exercise such discretion, all reasonable attempts shall be made to contact You based on the information provided by You. Should You not be reachable despite reasonable attempts by BQ to do so, or should the contact information provided by You prove to be incorrect, BQ shall be under no obligation to make any refund payment to You.