Management Development Program

Management skills become critical as the officers go up the organisation ladder. Managers need to develop their managerial skills not only to be able to handle their current roles effectively, but also to prepare themselves for future roles with higher responsibilities. This program will provide relevant inputs to aspiring middle level managers to excel in different aspects of management and contribute their best to achieve the organisational goals.

Duration : 5 days including 1 day of out-bound training

Target Group: Officers identified for leadership positions in the Middle Management.

Objectives: At the end of the program, the participants would have gained:

  • Comprehensive understanding of leadership qualities.
  • Skills to manage a performing team.
  • Appropriate skills for handling people, inside and outside the bank.
  • Personal effectiveness for success.
  • Internal transformation for successful work-life balance.


Our Vision
Leadership qualities
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Understanding self and others
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Gaining right attitude and motivation
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Communication, creativity
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Goal setting
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Decision making, problem solving
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Stress management
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Team building
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