Branch Excellence Program

The Branch Excellence Program is a leadership intervention that goes beyond skills. Intended for performing Branch Managers who have been on assignment for 12-18 months, it aims to build role maturity and confidence in the participants. In due course, they form pool of well-trained managerial talent for future leadership. This unique course is designed as a 3-phase program, consisting of the initial workshop at BQ Academy's learning centre, followed by an extended on-site structured e-learning support and culminating in a retreat for synthesis of collective experience of the participants.

Duration : The program will be delivered in three phases. The program will begin with a 5-days Managerial Workshop, followed by 12 weeks of structured e-learning support and will culminate in a 2-day Leadership Retreat.

Target Group: Branch Managers who have been on the assignment for 12-18 months, showing good performance and potential /for taking up higher responsibilities.

Objectives: At the end of the program, the participants would have gained:

  • High level of result-orientation among key Branch Managers.
  • Efficient management of branches showing substantial business growth.
  • High motivation and commitment.
  • Creation of a strong leadership pipeline from among successful Branch Managers.


Our Vision
Understanding the business environment.
Our Vision
Making business plans and formulating business strategy.
Our Vision
Resource mobilization and credit dispensation.
Our Vision
Operational risk and its mitigation.
Our Vision
Modeling service leadership.
Our Vision
Problem solving and finding solutions through e-learning.
Our Vision
Experiential learning.
Our Vision
Team Building & Leadership
Our Vision
Interpersonal Skills