Program on Marketing /Selling Skill & CRM

Bank credit plays an important role in the country’s industrial and economic growth. Micro, Small, & Medium Enterprises (MSME) occupy a unique position in the economy as they ensure wider distribution of the benefits of growth. Hence, there has been a renewed focus on financing MSME, which contribute significantly to employment and export earnings besides diversifying the banks’ credit risk.

There is an increasing need for skills among banking professionals in areas of understanding financial needs of MSME, proper assessment of their requirements and appreciation of risks involved in servicing these segments. This has resulted in a huge demand for trained credit officers in financing of MSME.

Duration : 3 Days (15 sessions of 70 minutes each)

Target Group: Front line officers in branches , Sales force and Relationship Managers for acquisition, retention and cross-selling , Product development, promotion team at corporate office.

Course Objectives: 

At the end of the program, the participants would have gained:

  • Understood the concept of marketing.
  • Learnt about the Lead generation, Lead Conversion of a Retail Customer, extending delightful customer service while protecting Bank’s interests.
  • Building a CRM strategy.
  • Improved the skills of marketing Retail Credit and services.
  • Comprehended the role of social media in marketing.
  • Understood strategies to enhance Customer Value Score.
  • Equipped with better negotiation skills.