Leadership Development for Women

Large number of women are taking leadership positions in banks. The challenges faced by women Managers on domestic & professional front are peculiar and different. This warrants a special Leadership Development Program for women leaders. A very useful program is developed by a successful Woman Banker turned trainer, keeping these issues in mind. The program will help the women managers to achieve work life balance and be successful in profession.

Duration :2 days (10 sessions of 70 minutes each)

Target Group: Scale II to Scale IV – Women Officers.

Objectives: The program aims at enabling the participants to :

  • Manage self and others.
  • Develop skills to be successful leader
  • Help improve the business of the bank

Program Contents:

Our Vision
Understanding self and others, career growth and planning
Our Vision
Managing people
Our Vision
Negotiation skills
Our Vision
Strategic agility and business acumen– Leadership change, driving business development
Our Vision
Managing and leading self
Our Vision
Building supportive network
Our Vision
How can women get ahead
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