Mr Vidyasagar, COO, LVB addresses the induction batch

Mr. Vidyasagar, Chief Operating Officer of Lakshmi Vilas Bank visited our Coimbatore academy on 23/09/15 to address the trainees of the Third Batch of Induction training for the junior officers of the bank.

During his interaction with the batch he emphasized on the importance of coming out of one’s comfort zone. He mentioned the learning and positive changes occurred to him, while staying in a remote village of Bihar outside his comfort zone of his home town AP during the initial days of his creer in SBI. He welcomed and congratulated all the young trainees who joined LVB and wished them a speedy growth in their career.

Post the welcome address he opened up an open discussion forum where the participants asked various questions to their COO and the engagement went on for sometime. The active participation of the participants helped in a healthy discussion on topics such as career, strategy and long term prospectives.

Mr. Vidyasagar also explored BQ Academy facility and he appreciated the facilities provided by BQA and the staff. He was very impressed by the mock branch facility, which helps the students to get a realistic experience of their work atmosphere. He spent some quality time with the BQA faculty and team and gave valuable feedback to the BQA team.