Mr Upendra Kamath inaugurates Comprehensive Credit Program for TMB

Date: 28 Sep, 2015 | Venue Detail: Coimbatore

The first Comprehensive Credit Management Program for Officers of Tamilnad Mercantile Bank was inaugurated by Mr. Upendra Kamath, MD & CEO of the bank on 4th May, 2015 at BQ Academy, Coimbatore.

During his interaction he mentioned the importance of

Mr. Upendra Kamath, CMD, Tamilnad Mercantile Bank, inaugurated the second batch of Compressive Credit Management on 28/09/2015 as a part of his plan to have a cadre of well trained and qualified credit officers in the bank.

During his interaction he mentioned the importance of keeping upto date with the events in national and international platform. He stressed on the basic skill sets and experience required by any officer for working on a proposal. The interaction brought out topics ranging from NPA, FOREX, Macro & micro factors etc.

After the interaction with the batch he interacted with the faculty and staff of BQA and gave his appreciation for successfully completeing the first batch of CCMP. He is also appreciated BQA team for maintaining quality training and state of the art facilities. He also took part in group photograph session with participants and staff of the BQ Academy.

Mr. Vidyasagar also explored BQ Academy facility and he appreciated the facilities provided by BQA and the staff. He was very impressed by the mock branch facility, which helps the students to get a realistic experience of their work atmosphere. He spent some quality time with the BQA faculty and team and gave valuable feedback to the BQA team.